Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good news, bad news

Good news: We had a lovely time outside riding bikes and brushing the dog this evening.
Bad news: It looks like a dog exploded on the lawn from all the hair.

Good news: The weather was perfect outside tonight.
Bad news: We enjoyed it about an hour longer than I planned to.

Good news: I'm very good at keeping ALL the main floor windows locked.
Bad news: That makes it hard to break in when all the doors are also locked.

Good news: My neighbor's son is a cop.
Bad news: Not even a cop can break into my house.

Good news: The neighbors have an extension ladder that reaches my upstairs window.
Bad news: The screen had to be sacrificed to get in.

Good news: A six year old climbed the ladder, climbed thru the window and unlocked the doors.
Bad news: My bright red bra was layin' in the middle of the bathroom floor for said neighbor and said child to see.