Thursday, May 31, 2012

Soccer woes

M played soccer last fall. She loved it. She had a great coach, the other kids are nice and I enjoy chatting with the other parents at practices. G decided she wanted to play soccer too. So this spring we signed her up and she's been playing on an all girls team. The first night of practice she said no one was friendly. One girl in particular has been a bit of a turd all season by not following instructions, kicking other people's balls away and so on. G hadn't really mentioned too much else that's gone on, until tonight. I watched her walk toward the field for the last practice of the season tonight with the main bully close behind. Said bully quickly stole G's ball and they ran around with G trying to get it back. After a while the other girl was acting as a goalie and G was trying to score, so I thought all was well. What I missed apparently was that this girl took G's ball and threw it over the 6 foot fence surrounding the soccer field. The girl did climb the fence to get it back but still! She also has been calling G by a nickname we don't like all season, because she knows it irritates her. Ugh. Also tonight, as the girls divided into two teams to scrimmage, one of the girls was trash talking to G and telling her, "you guys are going down!'. Now, there's nothing wrong with that and later after G's team had scored a few times, G said the same thing back to her. That's when this girl said to her, 'What would you said if I said I hate your face?" :gasp!: G said she told her, "I'd say that was mean and you should say you're sorry.". But, the girl didn't. G told me all this in the van as we drove home from practice. For a girl who had so much fun watching her sister play and even practicing with M's team from time to time, I feel so bad for her that she's been bullied over and over this season! I was bullied a lot in school too and it ticks me off to watch my sweet girl go thru this. Just tonight at dinner we were discussing if the girls wanted to play again in the fall and G and M both wanted too. But after sharing tonight's practice crap with me, G has decided she no longer wants to play. I know I can't protect her forever, but really, I'd forgotten how dreadful fourth graders can be. (Of course, I can still name all the bullies in my fourth grade class....) I'm so proud of how she responded and I'm thankful for the chance to talk to her about what makes some girls be so mean. I mean, it was the homely girl on the team that told G she hated her face so we all know why she's being mean. ;) It also gave me the chance to hold my sweet girl's face in my hands and tell her that I know she's beautiful and that I am so very proud of her. Because she was far more gracious and godly than I would've been if I'd heard what those girls were saying. And just now as I sit here and write and G is supposed to be getting ready for bed, I get an email from her iPod. "Thank you. You said that my face was pretty,thank you for saving the day:)" Sniff.

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Carrie Sterner said...

Way to reinforce your confidence in her and for giving her a safe place to just be herself. She is a blessed littel girl WHO is beautiful!