Sunday, June 10, 2012

I'm so confused.

Actual conversation this morning... It makes me wonder what goes on when I'm not listening...

G: Limes grow on trees?
A: No, they grow underground. Broccoli grows underground too.
G: It does!?
Me: No!
A: Cauliflower is just broccoli that's picked early.
G: really?
Me: No!
A: Just like baby carrots are carrots that are picked early.
Me: No they're not. They're cut up big carrots.
A: So, apple slices don't have their own trees either?

Friday, June 1, 2012

M and Aaron sittin' in a tree...

Around here, being a Packers fan is kind of a big deal. On Sundays, the guys taking the offering are wearing jerseys. The best time to hit the grocery store for a small crowd? During a Packers game. Since we're transplants to this land of green and gold, not all of us are big fans. Except, for M.

Miss M has had a major crush on a certain Super Bowl MVP since we saw him in DisneyWorld back in 2011.  Her crush really grew during the last football season.  This certain man appears on lots of commercials here in Wisconsin and life comes to a halt for her every single time Aaron Rodgers shows up on our tv.  She dreams of him knocking on our door and taking her out for a cheeseburger.  (those are her two loves, Aaron Rodgers and cheeseburgers.  LOL)

She's been wanting a jersey with a 12.  A green jersey, to be exact.  I refused to spend $40 on a cheap one at Kohls and definitely wasn't paying eBay prices for one!  So, like any good frugal mom, I told her, "When we find one at a garage sale, I'll buy it."  I kinda doubted we'd find one any time soon. 

I was wrong. 
We spotted this jersey at a garage sale when we were still a good 1/2 a block away.  I got out and looked at it and tried to talk the woman down a bit, but her $45 price was firm. She pointed out that it's a licensed jersey, embroidered and much nicer than the Kohls ones.  She was right.  M pointed out that she still had some money from her grandpa to spend and as I passed over the money, M hugged me tight and squealed "Thank you!!"

Now to convince her that it's not appropriate church attire until football season starts....