Wednesday, July 25, 2012


This youngest child of mine remains one of the best surprises ever.

Early this morning, she crawled into bed with me.  Sleeping with her is like sleeping with an octopus. She takes up a crazy amount of room in a queen sized bed for an average sized 7.5 year old!

 I woke up with us facing each other, her hand on my face.  A moment later, there was a big crack of thunder and she opened her eyes. I whispered, "Why is your hand on my face?"  She looked at me rather ashamedly and responded, "I dreamed I was making a pizza."  I'm still laughing as a type that. 

Today she had a piano lesson. The girls go together to the teacher's house and they take their lessons in age order.  Apparently, during G's lesson, M laid down on the teacher's couch and fell asleep.  When they woke her 30 minutes later for her lesson, she'd made a big drool puddle on their couch.  Lovely....

She is a gem.  :)