Thursday, December 12, 2013

Time delay...

You think I'm talking about the fact that it's been three months since I last blogged?  Oh yeah, that too.

Today the girls and I were watching the morning news.  I was also surfing the internet and only half paying attention when the commercials came on.  A asked me if that was just a guy dressed up.  Huh?  I looked up and saw a commercial for Toys r Us. I thought it was a little odd that my teenager didn't know Geoffrey the giraffe was a man in a suit so I said, "Well yeah, it was easier to put a guy in a giraffe suit than to teach a real giraffe to walk around without stepping  on small children."

She looked at me blankly. And slightly confused.  So I asked if I was confused.

"Yeah Mom, I was talking about the Madea movie.  That's a guy right?  That was the commercial that was on first."

Oh, yeah.....that's also a guy dressed up. ;)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Spelling woes

I gave the younger girls a spelling test that had a bunch of "oo" words.  Then I had M copy some of them onto index cards. 

In the process of this, G announces that something smells like dog poop. She's going on and on about this imaginary smell and repeatedly says that it smells like poo. 

I look at what M is writing... POO and I squeal "M!!  Why are you writing POO!?!?  That's not what you're supposed to be writing!"

And then she put the R on the end of her word.  

Oh, right. POOR was a spelling word. Duh 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ryan Gosling has nothin' on the DaddyMan

I have a couple of girlfriends that I sew with every few weeks.  We've been getting together for at least 3 years on a semi regular basis and they truly are my dearest friends.  We sew, we laugh, we eat sweets, we laugh, we cry, we sew a little bit and we laugh some more.
A few weeks ago when we were together, my friend who doesn't have Pinterest was surfing my Pinterest quilting board and laughing at the Ryan Gosling memes I have pinned.  You know, the ones that start with "Hey Girl" and end with things we only dream our men would say to us?? Yeah, those.
So, we got inspired.  :insert evil laugh here:  And I decided with a few minutes in PaintShop, I could create my own encouraging words, straight from the mouth of The DaddyMan.
I present to you..... The DaddyMan Memes
(it was about at this point, that a certain 11 year old G asked quizzically, "so basically it's just the total opposite of what Daddy would say?"  Yeah babe, pretty much...  ;) personal favorite.... LOL



Friday, August 23, 2013

Fair time

I made a couple quilts for the fair.  First was this throw sized quilt I made from a Moda Ruby jelly roll.  I used an old sheet for the white part and a swirly print from Joann's for the back.  I loved working with a jelly roll--all the strips were precut which made this a quick one to piece.  Then I took it to the local quilt store and they helped me pick out the red border which totally rocks it.  I love it.

At the fair, the judge liked it and even tho I don't think she was fond of the puffy batting I put in it, she couldn't find any puckers (I know there's one!) and gave me a blue ribbon.  Yay!
The other entry was my long arm quilt.  This thing has been a bit of a beast from the beginning!  I spent about 2 years collecting batik fabrics for it.  I couldn't decide what pattern to use for all these glorious fabrics and I finally decided on a Twister.  I spent a couple weeks putting the quilt top together. Then I took it to the LQS to find backing fabric and they told me I was nuts if I was going to quilt this on a standard machine. So I was going to use my Sweet Neighbor's longarm machine. But, my quilt was too big. :insert head banging on wall here:
That's when I scoured Craigslist for a couple weeks and bought my own long arm.  Which meant I had to run a couple practice quilts thru it before I could quilt this baby on it.  I wasn't going to blow it by not knowing how to work the longarm, ya know?
So I got ready to put it on the longarm about 2 weeks before fair.  To my was too big!  Aack!  I was torn--do I tear some off and piece it back together and hurry to get it done for fair or forget ever putting it in the fair because by next year it will have been on my bed and look a bit worn possibly??  So, I got to ripping.  I tore a row off the side and bottom and then spent a couple days piecing it back together. 
A week before fair, (a WEEK people! This things has taken me about 2 years to get to this point and now I have SEVEN days to finish it....) the DaddyMan and I put it on the longarm. SO stressful!  And then it wasn't rolling right.  Aaagh!  The next morning I realized my error, rerolled it and started quilting.  It didn't go well and I did a lot of ripping out and said some ugly things.  By Tuesday I was finally done w/the quilting and took it off the quilter.  Whew!  I sewed on the binding Wednesday, hand stitched around this ginormous queen sized quilt and finished it late Friday. Whew! I dropped it off at the fair on Sunday. 
The judge liked it a lot and had lots of compliments for it. She gave it a blue.  Yay!  Once I saw both of my quilts judged I went to watch the photography judging.  I didn't do as well there (two reds and a blue out of 8 entries. :P)  One of the women I'd been chatting with in quilting came to me and told me that my quilt had won some big award. HUH??  I went back to the quilt building and discovered I'd won the award sponsored by the local quilting guild and it's essentially the judge's choice award.  WOW!  I was blown away! It was an award I hoped to win someday but didn't expect to win it at all!  What a fabulous surprise!
The fair didn't open until Wednesday to see my stuff on display, but Tuesday night a friend of mine wandered thru the fairgrounds and texted me a picture of my quilt.  It had also won an outstanding exhibit ribbon!  Dang!  I never expected the quilt that gave me fits to do so well! 
Oh, you wanna see what it looks like??  Here it is, in it's home on my bed. :)

Here's the backing and binding:
And here it is in different lighting, all wadded in a heap. :)
Now....what to make for next year???

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Garage sale fun

Well, my plan to share all my awesome, unique and just plain bizarre garage sale moments this summer hasn't come to fruition.  Maybe next summer. 

The girls and I have gone to a lot of sales and had a ton of fun in the process.  At one sale, A and I were looking thru a box of fabric.  I said, "Oooh, yellow.  I like yellow."

A began to quote a book from her childhood, "Yellow is mellow, it's great for your Jello."
I added in, "Or maybe the fur on your cat."

At this point the woman on the other side of the box looked at us and gave us a little smile.  So, we continued.  We don't need much encouragement, after all.

A said, "Or the sun in the air or Laura's bright hair"
and I finished it with "Or the brim of Junior's cap!"

Now the lady looked downright disturbed and moved on to the next table. 

Yay!  We got the yellow box ALL to ourselves! 


A few weeks later at another sale, there was a pile of board books.  I picked up Goodnight Moon and handed it to A and asked her if she rememberd it. 

She started to quickly read it out loud.  Near the end she stopped and said, "HEY!  This doesn't say "and a quiet old woman whispering HUSH UP AND GO TO SLEEP!""

Hmm...funny, that's the way I remember it ending.....

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just another awkward moment...

Today is a stay home day.  Which means I finally showered about 10 am (which totally beat the socks off yesterday's 1 pm shower) and got dressed.  I used the term 'dressed' loosely here, because dressed to stay at home is not the same as dressed for public viewing.

I put on, in this order, a red bra, a turquoise cami (around which you can see aforementioend bra), a bright blue excercise skort (that hasn't ever seen excercise) and my orange tennis shoes.  Yep, I pretty much look like a crayon box exploded. 

But since it's only me and the girls around here at the moment, that's okay, right?

Well, until the doorbell rang.

M ran to the door, opened the big door and hollered, "It's Mr.Church Elder/A's youth group leader!"

I looked down at myself and thought "Crap!  I didn't even bring down a shirt!"

I darted into the laundry room to grab one off the drying rack.  It's empty. Seriously?? Today of all days I get efficient and have all the laundry done AND put away??  I engage Plan B and I hiss at G, "quick, run up to my closet and grab the black shirt on the end!"

Now, I'm in the kitchen, which THANK GOD, isn't viewable from the front door.  M is at the front door with our guest and G has to run past the front door to go up (and back down) the stairs.  I thought M had left the guest on the step until I hear him ask M if her mom was home.  EEP.  And of course, as G runs past to go upstairs and get my shirt, she announces to M in Pig Latin.

"Ommay isn'tway earingway away irtshay."

Translated "Mom isn't wearing a shirt." 

I'm gonna strangle that child....

She comes back with the shirt, I throw it on, suck up any remaining pride and mosey thru the sewing room to the front door and great my guest with a smile.

And lucky for him, a shirt.

I'm pretty sure he'll call before dropping in next time. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Burning up

My girls do not always sleep in pjs. I'm okay with this. Occasionally they've been known to put on a tee shirt after their bath, sleep in it and then wear it the next day. That's not bad, right?

But the other day, after bathing, sleeping, running around for a day and bathing again, M came down in the same shirt and a clean pair of pj shorts. I told her she needed to go put on the matching pajama shirt.

"But Mom!  It's flammable!! I read the tag and my pajama shirt is flammable!"

By this point, I knew what she'd read. There's a tag inside her cozy all cotton pjs that says "100% cotton, wear snug fitting, not flame resistant."  She's right, it's flammable.

I pointed out to her, that it's snug fitting and unless she was playing near a candle or fire she wasn't going to burn up. And then in my best Vanna impression, I swung open the cupboard on her dresser where her tee shirts are stored and told her, "by the way, all of these shirts are flammable too."

With a look of horror on her face she seriously told me, "Great, now I can never wear shirts again....."

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


My girls all have rollerblades and I snapped a few pics of their mad skillz the other day.  :)



Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Strangest garage sale conversation yet.

I held a garage sale last weekend.  We purged the house and cleaned the garage and then priced stuff to move.  One of the things on the sale was a cool hammock swing that came from the state fair.  It's big and comfy, complete with a footstool.  It's a great swing, but too big for our swingset--it takes the place of two swings and that causes problems.

No one seemed to really notice the swing until a large, black woman.  She pointed to it and asked me, "Is that a 'three letter, adult activity' swing?"

I was rather shocked, but calmly answered, "Nope, it has never been used for that purpose."  She then kind of muttered, "I can't believe I asked that!"

But since she did, I decided to let her know, "You know, the neighbor's didn't really need to see THAT in the backyard."

She left without buying anything.  I still have the swing and after a friend and I assessed it, we think that woman is far more skilled than we are if she can do THAT in this cozy swing.....

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Surrounded by comedians

M just told me that she doesn't know where she is going it live when she grows up.
I suggested she didn't need to worry about that and started to remind her about what the Bible says about worry, "do not worry about what you will eat or drink....."
And she interrupted with,"Oh, I worry about what I'm gonna eat!"

When I asked why she said, "Remember last night? It looked like someone puked on my plate!"
From the other room someone else piped in with a "It was good tho!" and a "Remember that rice dish?"

"That rice dish" is going to go down in history in this family. It was an experiment. An experiment that went horribly wrong. A friend and I did a freezer cooking session and one of the dishes was wild rice and chicken and some other stuff. When I presented it to the family, the comments started immediately,
"What is this?"  "This looks nasty!"
After M tasted it, she burped and then said,"Ooh, I'm glad it didn't come back up!"
Even the DaddyMan joined in with "This looks like something the dog did on the rug."

Needless to say, the second batch of that casserole isn't ever going to see the light of day on their dinner plates. They've come up with lots of ideas of what we could do with it tho:  Pass it on to someone we hate who needs a meal or plop big spoonfuls of it in people's yards so they can wonder what illness their dog has.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

End of year wrap up!

I love the end of the school year when everything wraps up and you start having free evenings again!  A couple weeks ago we finished soccer and AWANA.  I have to show off my little ones and their AWANA awards. 

M earned her Sparky Award and was the only kid to do the extra credit too.  G finished the third T&T book and was the only kid in our club to earn this award.

I'm SO proud of them!  Is there anything better than children hiding God's word in their hearts?  Yes, sharing it!  :D

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sit still!

As part of our school curriculum this year, the younger two and I have worked our way thru the Prairie Primer. This is a study of the Little House on the Prairie books and incorporates writing, history, Bible and science into one.  We've had a lot of fun with it. 

The other day we were reading Farmer Boy and read about how Almanzo had to sit still, without fidgeting for TWO HOURS in church.  My girls were blown away by this.  Struck with inspiration, I had them get two chairs and told them to sit on them without fidgetting while I finished reading the chapter. 

Here's how the next five minutes looked.....

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Window licker

For whatever reason, a certain child of mine decided to lick the patio door screen tonight after dinner. My sweet M then looked at her father and pointed to the left behind spit on the screen and said, "Look! It's pixelated!" (Remember she's 8)

I told the DaddyMan that only his child would use that term for spit on a window screen.

A responded, "Yeah, but only YOUR kid would lick the window screen."


Thursday, April 25, 2013

The one I love the best

Today while shopping at the big grocery store, we checked out the scratched and dented section. There are always bargains to be had there.  Last week it was five pounds of ripe bananas for $1.49. Today, it was a kringle for $2. (This is not the kringla of my Iowa upbringing, but kringle that is a fruit filled pastry ring. They retail for about $6 to $7)

I picked it up and showed it to A and said, "ooh, look!"
She replied, "what kind is it?"
And I said, "it's $2!"
And she responded?  "Ooh, that's my favorite kind!"

Yep, I've trained this young Jedi well. ;). (And just ftr, it's strawberry)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A new toy

A while back I made a new quilt for my bed.  It's a large queen sized quilt. It looks like this: 
 I took it to the quilt store and the lady told me I was nuts to consider quilting it on my home machine.  I then decided to take my sweet neighbor lady up on her offer of using her long arm quilter.  
Then we measured and discovered my quilt was too big for her frame.
Last week, I visited a huge quilt store and test drove a long arm quilter.  It was a DREAM to use.  A DREAM. A $12,000 dream. 
I started scouring craigslist.  I talked it over with the DaddyMan.   I searched craigslist in three states.  I researched.   I decided I could live without one.
Then I looked at craigslist one more time and there it was......
And my girls think it is the COOLEST thing....
(M is surprisingly good at it!  LOL) 
It does have a stitch regulator, so depending on how fast you sew, it sews faster or slower based on how fast you're moving the machine around (which was something the $12,000 machine had that I SO loved!) The DaddyMan tried it out too.  He was briefly confused why he couldn't pull the machine all the way toward him to do the full section that's in front of you. Since the machine isn't that big, you can't.  He said, "You need a bigger machine."  I love him.  We'll wait a while for that upgrade. :)
So, I cleaned out my sewing room and found FIVE partially finished quilts.  I better get busy.

Friday, April 12, 2013


The calendar says it's spring.  The weather guy says mid 30s and wintry mix.  Yay. 

In my ongoing effort to be a fun mom, when the girls requested going outside to do this:

I said yes.  :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013


That's what you've been hearing around here lately, huh?  Apparently winter has gotten the best of me and I have been sucked into the never ending school routine.  The end is in sight.  M finished her 2nd grade math book today.

And the snow is gone.  Instead we've had days of rain and I'm extremely grateful for the sound of the sump pump. 

A friend asked me recently if I was going to blog again.  So, I'm here.  She suggested I share my garage sale finds.  Okay, I can do that. Garages sales season brings me out of my winter funk. :) Last weekend we hit some of the first sales of the season.
We hit a local church school's garage sale and came home with 40+ books. They didn't all fit in the picture.  The lady told me $2 and I gave her $5, because really, 8 books for a dollar is still a steal. There are lots of our favorite authors here and some classics we didn't have. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

In which I blow water out of my nose....again

My girls play piano.  In the last month we have lost yet another piano teacher. If you're keeping track, this makes three in about 6 years and two in six months.  So, over dinner, the girls were discussing what other instruments they could play since we cannot seem to keep piano teachers.

G wants to play the drums. She tells M that if she learned to play the tuba, she could play the VeggieTales song.

The DaddyMan interjects that none of them have the right lips to play tuba.  G asks if you have to have fatter lips. DaddyMan nods and A announces, "oh, we can take care of that!"

And that's when the water came out of my nose....