Monday, February 18, 2013

In which I blow water out of my nose....again

My girls play piano.  In the last month we have lost yet another piano teacher. If you're keeping track, this makes three in about 6 years and two in six months.  So, over dinner, the girls were discussing what other instruments they could play since we cannot seem to keep piano teachers.

G wants to play the drums. She tells M that if she learned to play the tuba, she could play the VeggieTales song.

The DaddyMan interjects that none of them have the right lips to play tuba.  G asks if you have to have fatter lips. DaddyMan nods and A announces, "oh, we can take care of that!"

And that's when the water came out of my nose....

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Sonia Johnson said...

My boys love that song:)