Thursday, April 25, 2013

The one I love the best

Today while shopping at the big grocery store, we checked out the scratched and dented section. There are always bargains to be had there.  Last week it was five pounds of ripe bananas for $1.49. Today, it was a kringle for $2. (This is not the kringla of my Iowa upbringing, but kringle that is a fruit filled pastry ring. They retail for about $6 to $7)

I picked it up and showed it to A and said, "ooh, look!"
She replied, "what kind is it?"
And I said, "it's $2!"
And she responded?  "Ooh, that's my favorite kind!"

Yep, I've trained this young Jedi well. ;). (And just ftr, it's strawberry)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A new toy

A while back I made a new quilt for my bed.  It's a large queen sized quilt. It looks like this: 
 I took it to the quilt store and the lady told me I was nuts to consider quilting it on my home machine.  I then decided to take my sweet neighbor lady up on her offer of using her long arm quilter.  
Then we measured and discovered my quilt was too big for her frame.
Last week, I visited a huge quilt store and test drove a long arm quilter.  It was a DREAM to use.  A DREAM. A $12,000 dream. 
I started scouring craigslist.  I talked it over with the DaddyMan.   I searched craigslist in three states.  I researched.   I decided I could live without one.
Then I looked at craigslist one more time and there it was......
And my girls think it is the COOLEST thing....
(M is surprisingly good at it!  LOL) 
It does have a stitch regulator, so depending on how fast you sew, it sews faster or slower based on how fast you're moving the machine around (which was something the $12,000 machine had that I SO loved!) The DaddyMan tried it out too.  He was briefly confused why he couldn't pull the machine all the way toward him to do the full section that's in front of you. Since the machine isn't that big, you can't.  He said, "You need a bigger machine."  I love him.  We'll wait a while for that upgrade. :)
So, I cleaned out my sewing room and found FIVE partially finished quilts.  I better get busy.

Friday, April 12, 2013


The calendar says it's spring.  The weather guy says mid 30s and wintry mix.  Yay. 

In my ongoing effort to be a fun mom, when the girls requested going outside to do this:

I said yes.  :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013


That's what you've been hearing around here lately, huh?  Apparently winter has gotten the best of me and I have been sucked into the never ending school routine.  The end is in sight.  M finished her 2nd grade math book today.

And the snow is gone.  Instead we've had days of rain and I'm extremely grateful for the sound of the sump pump. 

A friend asked me recently if I was going to blog again.  So, I'm here.  She suggested I share my garage sale finds.  Okay, I can do that. Garages sales season brings me out of my winter funk. :) Last weekend we hit some of the first sales of the season.
We hit a local church school's garage sale and came home with 40+ books. They didn't all fit in the picture.  The lady told me $2 and I gave her $5, because really, 8 books for a dollar is still a steal. There are lots of our favorite authors here and some classics we didn't have.