Thursday, April 25, 2013

The one I love the best

Today while shopping at the big grocery store, we checked out the scratched and dented section. There are always bargains to be had there.  Last week it was five pounds of ripe bananas for $1.49. Today, it was a kringle for $2. (This is not the kringla of my Iowa upbringing, but kringle that is a fruit filled pastry ring. They retail for about $6 to $7)

I picked it up and showed it to A and said, "ooh, look!"
She replied, "what kind is it?"
And I said, "it's $2!"
And she responded?  "Ooh, that's my favorite kind!"

Yep, I've trained this young Jedi well. ;). (And just ftr, it's strawberry)

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