Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Burning up

My girls do not always sleep in pjs. I'm okay with this. Occasionally they've been known to put on a tee shirt after their bath, sleep in it and then wear it the next day. That's not bad, right?

But the other day, after bathing, sleeping, running around for a day and bathing again, M came down in the same shirt and a clean pair of pj shorts. I told her she needed to go put on the matching pajama shirt.

"But Mom!  It's flammable!! I read the tag and my pajama shirt is flammable!"

By this point, I knew what she'd read. There's a tag inside her cozy all cotton pjs that says "100% cotton, wear snug fitting, not flame resistant."  She's right, it's flammable.

I pointed out to her, that it's snug fitting and unless she was playing near a candle or fire she wasn't going to burn up. And then in my best Vanna impression, I swung open the cupboard on her dresser where her tee shirts are stored and told her, "by the way, all of these shirts are flammable too."

With a look of horror on her face she seriously told me, "Great, now I can never wear shirts again....."

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