Thursday, August 22, 2013

Garage sale fun

Well, my plan to share all my awesome, unique and just plain bizarre garage sale moments this summer hasn't come to fruition.  Maybe next summer. 

The girls and I have gone to a lot of sales and had a ton of fun in the process.  At one sale, A and I were looking thru a box of fabric.  I said, "Oooh, yellow.  I like yellow."

A began to quote a book from her childhood, "Yellow is mellow, it's great for your Jello."
I added in, "Or maybe the fur on your cat."

At this point the woman on the other side of the box looked at us and gave us a little smile.  So, we continued.  We don't need much encouragement, after all.

A said, "Or the sun in the air or Laura's bright hair"
and I finished it with "Or the brim of Junior's cap!"

Now the lady looked downright disturbed and moved on to the next table. 

Yay!  We got the yellow box ALL to ourselves! 


A few weeks later at another sale, there was a pile of board books.  I picked up Goodnight Moon and handed it to A and asked her if she rememberd it. 

She started to quickly read it out loud.  Near the end she stopped and said, "HEY!  This doesn't say "and a quiet old woman whispering HUSH UP AND GO TO SLEEP!""

Hmm...funny, that's the way I remember it ending.....

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