Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just another awkward moment...

Today is a stay home day.  Which means I finally showered about 10 am (which totally beat the socks off yesterday's 1 pm shower) and got dressed.  I used the term 'dressed' loosely here, because dressed to stay at home is not the same as dressed for public viewing.

I put on, in this order, a red bra, a turquoise cami (around which you can see aforementioend bra), a bright blue excercise skort (that hasn't ever seen excercise) and my orange tennis shoes.  Yep, I pretty much look like a crayon box exploded. 

But since it's only me and the girls around here at the moment, that's okay, right?

Well, until the doorbell rang.

M ran to the door, opened the big door and hollered, "It's Mr.Church Elder/A's youth group leader!"

I looked down at myself and thought "Crap!  I didn't even bring down a shirt!"

I darted into the laundry room to grab one off the drying rack.  It's empty. Seriously?? Today of all days I get efficient and have all the laundry done AND put away??  I engage Plan B and I hiss at G, "quick, run up to my closet and grab the black shirt on the end!"

Now, I'm in the kitchen, which THANK GOD, isn't viewable from the front door.  M is at the front door with our guest and G has to run past the front door to go up (and back down) the stairs.  I thought M had left the guest on the step until I hear him ask M if her mom was home.  EEP.  And of course, as G runs past to go upstairs and get my shirt, she announces to M in Pig Latin.

"Ommay isn'tway earingway away irtshay."

Translated "Mom isn't wearing a shirt." 

I'm gonna strangle that child....

She comes back with the shirt, I throw it on, suck up any remaining pride and mosey thru the sewing room to the front door and great my guest with a smile.

And lucky for him, a shirt.

I'm pretty sure he'll call before dropping in next time. 

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