Wednesday, June 19, 2013


My girls all have rollerblades and I snapped a few pics of their mad skillz the other day.  :)



Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Strangest garage sale conversation yet.

I held a garage sale last weekend.  We purged the house and cleaned the garage and then priced stuff to move.  One of the things on the sale was a cool hammock swing that came from the state fair.  It's big and comfy, complete with a footstool.  It's a great swing, but too big for our swingset--it takes the place of two swings and that causes problems.

No one seemed to really notice the swing until a large, black woman.  She pointed to it and asked me, "Is that a 'three letter, adult activity' swing?"

I was rather shocked, but calmly answered, "Nope, it has never been used for that purpose."  She then kind of muttered, "I can't believe I asked that!"

But since she did, I decided to let her know, "You know, the neighbor's didn't really need to see THAT in the backyard."

She left without buying anything.  I still have the swing and after a friend and I assessed it, we think that woman is far more skilled than we are if she can do THAT in this cozy swing.....

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Surrounded by comedians

M just told me that she doesn't know where she is going it live when she grows up.
I suggested she didn't need to worry about that and started to remind her about what the Bible says about worry, "do not worry about what you will eat or drink....."
And she interrupted with,"Oh, I worry about what I'm gonna eat!"

When I asked why she said, "Remember last night? It looked like someone puked on my plate!"
From the other room someone else piped in with a "It was good tho!" and a "Remember that rice dish?"

"That rice dish" is going to go down in history in this family. It was an experiment. An experiment that went horribly wrong. A friend and I did a freezer cooking session and one of the dishes was wild rice and chicken and some other stuff. When I presented it to the family, the comments started immediately,
"What is this?"  "This looks nasty!"
After M tasted it, she burped and then said,"Ooh, I'm glad it didn't come back up!"
Even the DaddyMan joined in with "This looks like something the dog did on the rug."

Needless to say, the second batch of that casserole isn't ever going to see the light of day on their dinner plates. They've come up with lots of ideas of what we could do with it tho:  Pass it on to someone we hate who needs a meal or plop big spoonfuls of it in people's yards so they can wonder what illness their dog has.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

End of year wrap up!

I love the end of the school year when everything wraps up and you start having free evenings again!  A couple weeks ago we finished soccer and AWANA.  I have to show off my little ones and their AWANA awards. 

M earned her Sparky Award and was the only kid to do the extra credit too.  G finished the third T&T book and was the only kid in our club to earn this award.

I'm SO proud of them!  Is there anything better than children hiding God's word in their hearts?  Yes, sharing it!  :D

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sit still!

As part of our school curriculum this year, the younger two and I have worked our way thru the Prairie Primer. This is a study of the Little House on the Prairie books and incorporates writing, history, Bible and science into one.  We've had a lot of fun with it. 

The other day we were reading Farmer Boy and read about how Almanzo had to sit still, without fidgeting for TWO HOURS in church.  My girls were blown away by this.  Struck with inspiration, I had them get two chairs and told them to sit on them without fidgetting while I finished reading the chapter. 

Here's how the next five minutes looked.....