Thursday, December 12, 2013

Time delay...

You think I'm talking about the fact that it's been three months since I last blogged?  Oh yeah, that too.

Today the girls and I were watching the morning news.  I was also surfing the internet and only half paying attention when the commercials came on.  A asked me if that was just a guy dressed up.  Huh?  I looked up and saw a commercial for Toys r Us. I thought it was a little odd that my teenager didn't know Geoffrey the giraffe was a man in a suit so I said, "Well yeah, it was easier to put a guy in a giraffe suit than to teach a real giraffe to walk around without stepping  on small children."

She looked at me blankly. And slightly confused.  So I asked if I was confused.

"Yeah Mom, I was talking about the Madea movie.  That's a guy right?  That was the commercial that was on first."

Oh, yeah.....that's also a guy dressed up. ;)