Sunday, March 16, 2014

Parenting fail. Again.

G lost a tooth on Tuesday.  Tuesday night there was a note in my bathroom reminding me.  I had no money on me so she got nothing from the Tooth Fairy.

Wednesday she reminded me again and I said I wasn't sure I had a dollar.  She said, "That's okay, I'll take a ten!"   She got nothing that night either.

Thursday night there was again a note in my bathroom to remind me.  (Does she know me or what??) . I looked in the Daddyman's  wallet but he had no dollars.  Shoot.  I started to root thru his basket and was up to about fifty-three cents when I found a dollar coin. 

When I tucked the younger two into bed,  I slipped the dollar coin under G's pillow while she was in the other room.  M didn't see me do this. 

Apparently they both slept in M's bottom bunk all night.  At six am, G climbed into her own bed and felt under her pillow.  She pulled out the coin.  She said her first thought was "A quarter?!? I got ripped off!!!"  And then she realized it was a dollar coin and she thought that was totally cool. 

Mom for the win!!  Three days late.....

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