Thursday, September 25, 2014

A raging case of WHAT??

I had a CT scan of my head on April 2.  It showed nothing.  (haha! Get brain....  sorry)  The doctor called that night and asked if I'd ever had mono.  He mentioned my numbers were off and my liver function was waaaay off and he was going to rerun the test.  I mentioned that my heart rate was about 128 after walking up a flight of stairs and he wanted to see me again on Friday. 

The morning of the 4th I woke up feeling especially horrible.  I seriously thought I was about to die.  I showered, spent 30 minutes resting before kind of doing my hair and then argued with the DaddyMan, who was working from home, about if he was going to take me to the hospital or if my super sweet neighbor lady was going to.  He won.  He took me.

They checked my vitals in the office and my bp was normal, I had a fever and my heartrate was 158.  (new high score!).  The doctor came into the exam room, plopped my file on his counter, turned to me and announced, "Well, you have a raging case of active mono."  I pointed out to him that it seems weird to get the 'kissing disease' when the only guy I kiss was sitting in the corner of the room. It seems that since the DaddyMan has had mono, from time to time the virus becomes active in his system and he contaminated me.  Gee, thanks.

So the doc told me to go home and go to bed and have my every whim catered too for the next week.  Then I asked about my heart rate and he listened to my rapid breathing and just stood and studied me for a moment.   I pointed out to him that the super sore spot on my calf looked bruised this morning.  He touched it.  I about went through the ceiling in pain.  He handed me a gown and said they were going to hook me up to an eeg. 

After he left the room, the DaddyMan helped me undress to the waist so I could put the gown on.  Then Doc came back and said he'd changed his mind and was sending me to the ER.  He mentioned that my heart rate and breathing could be the sign of a pulmonary embolism and that I could have a DVT in my leg.  I knew both of those were uber serious.  He said if they found either I'd be spending the weekend in the hospital.  I told him I'd googled DVT just that morning (and I seriously had while I was resting in the bathroom after my shower and before I did my hair.)  He told me to stay away from google. 

His medical assistant loaded me into a wheelchair and trotted me across the street, bypassing the waiting room and check in and took me straight to an exam room.  Hmm...I've never had such good service before.....

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greelyrita said...

I'm so glad you've lived to tell the tale. Clearly, the story ends, at least reasonably, well.