Friday, March 21, 2014

I laughed.

G was struggling with a math problem.   I didn't want to help her out too much so she talked thru the answer to her out loud,  figured it out on her own and announced, "I am so dumb." 

Her little sister asked, "Do you want an award for that?"

 Yet another moment when I probably shouldn't have laughed.....

Thursday, March 20, 2014

This one explains a LOT!

I lounged in bed for a while this morning, reading my book and postponing crawling out of my warm bed. M came in, sat on DaddyMan's pillow and ripped a big toot.

I looked at her, with shock.  
She said, "That wasn't me." 
 I said, "Who was it?" 
She said, "The elephant.  Under the bed.  He's invisible."

That explains a lot.....there's a farting invisible elephant under my bed.  And all these years, I thought we had infestation of barking spiders.

Monday, March 17, 2014


The DaddyMan is training for his first full marathon.  This means he does a long weekend run and spends the rest of the weekend complaining about the pain he's in.   He also talks about how all he can think about is every single step he takes for mile after mile.  

As we talked about how to keep him occupied while he runs, we discussed what he could do while running to keep himself entertained.  Last year we saw a guy juggling as he ran a half marathon.  DaddyMan said no.  Someone suggested crocheting. He could crochet pot holders and throw them at the people cheering him on, someone suggested.   G suggested he could crochet a body bag, because he's convinced he'll need one before the finish line.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Parenting fail. Again.

G lost a tooth on Tuesday.  Tuesday night there was a note in my bathroom reminding me.  I had no money on me so she got nothing from the Tooth Fairy.

Wednesday she reminded me again and I said I wasn't sure I had a dollar.  She said, "That's okay, I'll take a ten!"   She got nothing that night either.

Thursday night there was again a note in my bathroom to remind me.  (Does she know me or what??) . I looked in the Daddyman's  wallet but he had no dollars.  Shoot.  I started to root thru his basket and was up to about fifty-three cents when I found a dollar coin. 

When I tucked the younger two into bed,  I slipped the dollar coin under G's pillow while she was in the other room.  M didn't see me do this. 

Apparently they both slept in M's bottom bunk all night.  At six am, G climbed into her own bed and felt under her pillow.  She pulled out the coin.  She said her first thought was "A quarter?!? I got ripped off!!!"  And then she realized it was a dollar coin and she thought that was totally cool. 

Mom for the win!!  Three days late.....

Friday, March 14, 2014


We talk a lot about what it means to be a Christian around here.  How do we treat others, how we respond when things don't go our way, etc.  We also talk about the fact that some people/organizations make up rules that are extra biblical. 

For example, how you dress.  A common modesty 'rule' is that your skirt, shorts, bottoms need to be longer than your fingers when your arms are down at your side.  This explanation brings us to the conversation that happened at our house recently....

G and M went to walk on the treadmill and elliptical.  They were both wearing shorts that I bought last year for Gabrielle to sleep in. 

A asked G if her shorts were long enough and if they passed the "fingertip test'.  They didn't.   A pointed at her and said, "Oh no! You're a horrible Christian!"

And then we laughed.....really hard.